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Mom Really Does Know Best – Simple is More

For Naturally SASE Skincare Founder & CEO Stasia Serafini, it was one piece of advice from her mother that led her to create Naturally SASE: Simple is More. Sticking with her as she began her own life and started her own family, ‘Simple is More’ is a credo Stasia lives every day, and wanted to share with women everywhere. Simple is More means that sometimes, embracing fewer, rather than more, things is best. From accessorizing that little black dress with just a single strand of pearls – Simple is More is how Stasia is bringing beauty to life.

Smart Beauty Reboot

Naturally SASE Skincare products are doing for beauty what the iPhone did for technology-simplifying and eliminating the need for extra stuff. Where we once may have carried a camera, video, GPS device, CD player and cellphone in our purse, today we carry just one device that does all these things – our smart phones. Now your beauty routine is getting the same treatment. Naturally SASE Skincare was created to deliver the power of several skincare products into just two without sacrificing results. The evolution of simplifying skincare is here.