Our Philosophy

Naturally `SASĒ is what we are, and how we live.

When I began developing the Naturally `SASĒ Skincare line, I knew I wanted the line to be formulated with natural ingredients that were both effective and safe.  I mean, everyone wants that, right? However, what I did not want was what I have seen happening all too often: skincare products stuffed with a sometimes bewildering array of ingredients that seem more for show than for efficacy.

Which is where Naturally `SASĒ is unique.  I spent two years researching and testing our selected ingredients to be 100% certain they were both safe and able to pull double, or sometimes triple, duty in our products. Why? Because I believe true beauty comes from following my mother’s lifelong beauty creed: ‘Simple is More’.  What does that mean? It means there is beauty in keeping things simple, such as: a little black dress accented with a single string of pearls; bold black eyeliner and a nude lip. Over-doing it does not always deliver the intended result, and that also applies to the skincare. At Naturally `SASĒ, simple skincare means uniting powerful ingredients together in such a way that half as many steps are able to produce twice as many results.

I created a line that lives this motto, and which helps women simplify their daily beauty process so they can enjoy  remarkably healthy, youthful, beautiful skin.

Half the Steps, Twice the Results.

To formulate multi-effective products, I started with the best ingredients that are naturally sourced, safe and non-toxic; will not disrupt the endocrine system or pollute water supplies when rinsed down the drain; and European Union safety compliant.  Then I made sure that the ingredients were highly effective, and truly helped protect, rejuvenate and transform the skin in more ways than one. Naturally `SASĒ packs the benefits and results of multiple products into one bottle, and two daily steps!  As a brand, we believe taking care of skin should not be complicated or cumbersome, which is why I love the fact that women can use our Advanced Hydra-Illuminating Skin Therapy 4 IN 1, each morning and night, as her moisturizer, serum, eye cream and neck cream, without sacrificing on results or benefits.

As a mother and business woman, I realize most women today are masters at multi-tasking; why shouldn’t our skincare multi-task, as well? Naturally `SASĒ Skincare is your key to living our ‘Simple is More’ creed, for amazingly beautiful, youthful, healthy skin, in no time at all.